You need Posturology to cure postural patients

But what's a postural patient?

Just have a peep at this gallery...

 After a mild head trauma

patient suffers

 either silent

 from a Post-Concussional Syndrome

 or querulent

     He can no longer stand upright at rest, he is dizzy or he suffers from vertigo, among several other symptoms. His postural control system no longer functions in its right way: He is a postural patient.

     The same holds true for all patients who suffer from...





...without conventional diagnosis

     The same holds true for patients who have difficulties to stand upright quiet because they suffer from pain at different levels of their body axis




 Foot pain

 Low back pain

 cervical pain


       Often they suffer because their postural control system no longer works well, there is an abnormal asymmetry of their postural tone, if it is the case they are postural patients.




 And all who cannot find their feet in their environment

can be postural patients.

 You don't need quite a lot of intuition to feel that a patient could be a «postural patient»...

...You just need a good nose!...



     But in order to be sure that a patient is really a postural patient you need a postural check-up.

Are you clever?

What's the link between all these illnesses?

Don't be lazy... Turn this question over in your mind before finding the answer through the link!...