L´oeil postural


par René GENTAZ (1988) 

Service de posturologie du Centre chirurgical APAS, Paris


Agressologie, 29, 685-686, 1988.


Postural Eye

   The postural instrumental testing with light stimulations of fourty normal subjects shows that both eyes have not the same value to control the postural tonic activity of a man in the standing position. We call «postural eye» the eye which keeps the best control of equilibrium balance.

   It is possible to determine this particular eye with an easy clinical test, but it is important to have a perfect technique and it is often difficult to interpret clearly the meaning of the different movements.

   On the contrary, the detecion of the postural eye appears easy by means of light stimulations and recording of the lateral displacement of the center of gravity.

   This new entity fits into the group of postural laterality and permits clinical prospect in ophtalmology and posturology.


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