APE Working Meeting on Standardization in Clinical Stabilometry
Thursday, November 29, 2012
at 17 hours
in Amphi CHU La Timone

I would have liked attend to firstly tell Dominique Pérennou I fully support his decision to resume the work of standardization, it is clearly a necessity. Italians are aware of that, Fabio SCOPPA, Vice-Chair of the ISPGR standardization Comittee , has published his thoughts with a group of Italians. A conference on this subject seems to be preparing to Venice in spring 2003 at the initiative of a new international group. Under the impetus of Philippe Villeneuve and API, the Spanish are willing and ready to cooperate in this work, as well as Belgium and Brazilians. In France too many institutions are willing to collaborate. It seems clear that no organization has an interest going its way alone!
And I will do my part to help this work at a broad international level.