- Critique of Posturology by PM Gqgey 

- The emergence of a certain logic of time by Pierre-Marie GAGE

  - Coherence of the biomechanical discourse: stabilometry by Pierre-Marie GAGEY

  - Defence plea for certain epistemology by Pierre-Marie GAGEY

  - The fine postural control system What does that means? by Pierre-Marie GAGEY

  - Fifty years of evolution of the ideas on the postconcussional Syndrome by Pierre-Marie GAGEY

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- Recent History of Tonus (1940/2018) par Pierre-Marie Gagey

et Serge Helbert


  - Obituary : Henrique Martins Da Cunha (1928-2000)

  - Obituary :  E. Geoffrey WALSH (1922-2003)

  - Obituary : Guy BIZZO (1934 - 2004)

  - Handling Incognizance, a challenge for the health system by Pierre-Marie Gagey

  - Obituary : Tadashi FUKUDA (1910-1986)

 - The Story of postural Prism by Pierre-Marie GAGEY

 - Obituary : Osamu SASAKI by Pierre - Marie GAGEY

- Obituaty : Jean-Bernard BARON