Basic Research

  - «Ankle strategy» and/or «Tactics of the broom»? David GUILLEMINOT, Roger CAPOROSSI and Pierre-Marie GAGEY

  - Two mechanical models for postural stabilization: the Tactics of the Center of Gravity and the Tactics of the Center of Pressure Pierre-Marie GAGEY, Guy BIZZO, Maurice OUAKNINE & Bernard WEBER

 - What about the PDS? Report from a Round Table at the Aix-les-Bains 2005 APE Congress, discussing the Postural Deficiency Syndrome by H. Martins Da CUNHA

The Marksman's motor control. I) Stabilometric study of the changes during training By Dudde R, Muller G, Bourdeaux O, Weber B, Gagey B, Gagey PM (2012) (Fichier pdf 479 Ko)

 Take critic stock of my research By PM Gagey (31/07/2019)

The scientific statement of clinical posturology by PM Gagey