Original Old Papers

- [1977] Are the asymmetries of the orthostatic posture random? Gagey PM, Asselain B, Ushio N. Leconte M, Baron JB

- [1985] Specifications for building a vertical force platform designed for clinical stabilometry BIZZO G, GUILLET N, PATAT A, GAGEY PM

- [1985] The one hertz phenomenon Pierre-Marie GAGEY, Guy BIZZO, Ollivier DEBRUILLE, Dominique LACROIX,

- [1988] The law of the canals Pierre-Marie GAGEY

- [1991] Non vestibulr dizziness and static posturography Pierre-Marie GAGEY

- [1991] A critique of posturology: towards an alternative neuroanatomy ? PM Gagey (Fichier pdf)

- [1995] Postural studies on whiplash injuries PM Gagey (Fichier pdf)

-[-[1999] The «alphs»... or what is the efficient face of bite planes? par Alfredo MARINO,  Pierre-Marie GAGEY

- [2010] Study of intra subject random variations of stabilometric parameters Pierre-Marie GAGEY, Bernard WEBER

  - Standing upright quiet ['Original Texts' Collection ] by F.A. LONGET (1861)

  - Standing posture ['Original Texts' Collection ] by K. VIERORDT (1877)

  - Proceedings of the meeting of the Société de Neurologie de Paris, 6-7 April 1916 ['Original Texts' Collection ] by    Pierre MARIE

  - The basis of the theory of the sense of space ['Original Texts' Collection ] by Élie de CYON (1911)

  - Prisma-therapie ['Original Texts' Collection ] by G.P. UTERMÖHLEN

  - Vierordt was right, Flourens swindled us! by Pierre-Marie GAGEY

  - Photography of movement by Mike Sullivan

  - Dynamic study of the platform ['Original Texts' Collection ] by Victor S. GURFINKEL

Introduction to clinical posturology by P.M. GAGEY, J.B. BARON, N. USHIO

 - The postural deficiency syndrome (PDS) by H. MARTINS DA CUNHA




  - Experiments on ears semi-circular canals, in the mammals By Mr. FLOURENS (read to the royal Academy of the Sciences, on October 13, 1828.) 

- Standardization in Platform Stabilometry being a Part of Posturography by T.S. KAPTEYN, W. BLES , Ch. J. NJIOKIKTJIEN, L. KODDE, C.H. MASSEN & J.M.F. MOL.

- Statokinesigram Area

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