Stabilometric Signal

- ABC of Stabilometry by PM GAGEY

- Measure in Posturology by P.M. GAGEY & G. BIZZO

- Calibration of a stabilometry platform by Guy BIZZO, Maurice OUAKNINE & Pierre-Marie GAGEY

- Quality control procedures for stabilometric platforms

- Demonstrating the dynamics of stabilisation: the AFP40/16 platform  by Pierre-Marie GAGEY, Maurice OUAKNINE & Osamu SASAKI

 - Sample frequency in clinical stabilometry, what standardized rate? by PM Gagey

- Standards for spectral analysis by Pierre-Marie GAGEY, Institut de Posturologie, Paris.

- Should we save the VFY?  by P.M. GAGEY

- The nonlinear dynamic analysis of the stabilometric signal in clinical practice by Pierre-Marie GAGEY & Osamu SASAKI

- Dynamic study of the platform ['Original Texts' Collection ]    by Victor S. GURFINKEL


- The «Posture-Ventilation» Mystery by P.M. GAGEY


- The dance of the center of pressure. by Pierre-Marie GAGEY, Guy Bizzo, Joseph DIMIDJIAN, Jacques MARTINERIE, Mauuricen OUAKNINE & Patrice ROUGIER


Frequency of digitization Par Vladimir USATCHEV


From the center of pressure to the center of gravity Gagey B, Ouaknine M, Bourdeaux O., Gagey PM


New algorithm for calculating the center of gravity, starting from the center of pressure, in standardized clinical stabilometry by B. Gagey, M. Ouaknine, O. Bourdeaux, N. Vuillerme, PM. Gagey






 - SASAKI'S rhythm By Osamu Sasaki , Jacques Martinerie , Michel Le Van Quyen , Pierre-Marie Gagey



 - Is it necessary to save the algorithm of Collins and De Luca? by Pierre - Marie GAGEY

 - Contributions of Vectoriel Analysis to the diagnosis of Postural Dysfunctions  by Usatchev V., Mokhov D.

 - How to estimate the weight of visual input in the control of orthostatic posture? by Osamu SASAKI, Maurice OUAKNINE, Vladimir USATCHEV and Pierre-Marie GAGEY

- Clarification on the calculation of the 90% confidence ellipsis par Brieuc CONAN-GUEZ, PM GAGEY, D SKVORTSOV & M OUAKNINE



-Subroutine to calculate the position of the center of mass from the position of the center of pressure. By Bernard GAGEY



- Introduction to the Russo-Japanese revolution in stabilometry, by PM Gagey

 - Victor Belayev Vidéo d’un enresitrement stabilométrique de 7  minutes (Fichier mpg, 134Mo)


- Protocol for SAM3D par PM Gagey  (fichier pdf, 50 ko)



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